Meet the team 

The Founder !

Arthur 'Hoppy' The Scrap dealer !

Hoppy started the business back in the late 1800s , the business was passed down through the generations.  It is still running as the family business today!



The Boss !

DAVE  'The Rave' !

Dave's always committed to providing an excellent service, 

Dave spends most of his time in the engineering and quality control departments.



 The Other Boss !

Happy 'DAZ'  The Dancer   !

'Daz'  runs a tight ship, always on the lookout for fantastic caravans to break for supplies to offer a great service to the customers


  The Other-Other Boss !

 Jim ' The Juggler !

John is the Systematize Manager for DDS Supplies.                     

He is Head of our Customer Support & Service Dept. 

John's hobbies include: Eating out of date food, 

 collecting antique toilet brushes & kelp surfing.


Free Clipart


The Receptionist !

Tania ' The Typist'

Tanya works in the office, typing answering the phone and making cups of tea & bacon butties for the lads.

Tanya's hobbies include: Caravan Racing and Chinese Plate Spinning  !


The Breaker Boys !

 Boris, Wilf & Jimmy

Boris, Wilf  & Jimmy  are the dismantle  team. 

The guy's are all professional engineers .


' The Bolt'



'The Germ'



Between them can answer any questions and solve any problems, 

They give accurate and professional advice for all your requirements !






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